The History of Globe Theater

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Like any historical building, The Globe Theatre is one that holds many stories inside its walls. The story of the Globe Theatre is in the travels and landmarks in time that make the Globe Theatre what it is today in our eyes It had started in Southwark London in 1599. Where an old theatre had been handed down to Cuthbert Burbage a famous English actor, from a member of his family. Burbage’s theatre had been located near the famous Bear Gardens, where they would have bears chained up and have dogs attack the bear, (one of those English past times you look back on and scratch your head) but, being unable to renew the lease on the property in time and had to take down the theatre over night and move it across the Thames River, rebuilt it thus creating the Globe in Shoreditch, London.

The Globe Theatre had only been around for a short fourteen years when in 1613, during the performance of Henry VIII where a cannon blow was used to announce the arrival of the actor playing King Henry, had ignited the thatched roof of the theatre and burned the entire theatre to the ground. It was then rebuilt again with a tile roof that would prevent future fires during prop use in any of the productions. But it was another flame that caused the theatre to close once again. It was the Puritans that found the theatres to contain meanings that went against their prudish lifestyles. By now whatever was left of the Globe during the time of the Puritan’s control was burned down along with four-fifths of Westminster’s city during the Great Fire of Britain in 1666, which burned for three days, spreading through the buildings along the Thames, burning down not only the Globe but over fifty churches, including Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and halfway across The London Bridge. All of this destruction could have been avoided or stopped before it had spread so far, but because of the cities narrow streets and old wooden structures used for housing in the town of...
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