The History of Colombia Mass Media

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Everyone in this world has to communicate either to send messages or to express their feelings and of course there are several mediums to do it. For this assignment we have to choose one country and describe the Historical & Social Effects of Mass Media of one particular country. Therefore we choose Colombia as the country to describe of. The reason why we chose Colombia is because this country has a quite large of technology about mass media and it is a freedom of a press country. Before we discuss more details about the Historical & Social Effects of Mass Media in Colombia we will explain a little bit history about the early sources of communication. Back in 2000,000 years ago, language developed and led to development of an oral culture, the one that depended upon the spoken words. This is because communication technology was not being discovered yet. The history and the culture were transmitted by individuals who memorized large amount of information and recited it to those in the next generation who in turn passed it on to their offspring. Day by day as human developed further, it was difficult to rely on oral communication to fulfill society’s communication needs and the outcome was the big development in communication which is writing. Writing probably developed in Iraq about 3500 B.C and was sprang up in Egypt and China hundreds years later. The emergence of the written words had many implications for early societies such as created a privileged class and for those who could read and write had greater access to information. Writing helped establish empires by making it easier to keep records and to coordinates the movement of armies. Books became more numerous during the middle ages and usually they were hand-copied by scribes or monks working in monasteries. The easy way to define mass communication is public communication transmitted electronically or mechanically. According to this way messages are transmitted or sent to large, perhaps millions or billions of people spread across the world. The other definition of the term and perhaps the most common one is refers to an academic study of how messages are relayed to large groups of people instantaneously. For your information, the messages are sent through variety forms of mass media called channel such as newspapers, magazines, film, radio, television and internet. One fact about mass communication is media is the plural for the word medium or means of communication. There are several functions of mass communication which are inform, educate and entertain. For example when a doctor speaks on radio or television or writes in a magazine about how to prevent a disease, the experts tells farmers on radio about a new crop, seed or agricultural practice. Thereby the farmers are educated. It is the same for the housewives to know a new product being sold by watching television. All kind of the commercial cinema, television serials and music program are entertaining. There are eight different forms of mass media which are newspapers and journalism, wireless communication, photography, films, radio, television, new media and traditional media. Colombia is a country located in northwestern South America. It has the second largest population in South America and the 29th largest in the world. With an estimated 46 million people in 2008, Colombia is the third-most populous country in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico. The Capital of the Colombia named Santa Fe De Bogota. The official language of Colombia is Spanish, along with English. Media in Colombia refers to media available Colombia consisting of several different types of communication media such as television, radio, cinema newspapers, magazines and Internet- based web sites. Many of the media are controlled by large for-profit corporation who reap revenue from advertising, subscriptions and sale of copyrighted material, largely affected by piracy. Media in Colombia is also regulated...
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