The History of Barangay

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Barangay Profile
Historical Background
How the original name Alimodian got its name has a connection with the brief history of barangay New Alimodian. The story happened in the place, a part of Iloilo. There was a man who is climbing in a coconut tree while the group of American invaders passed by. The American seems got lost on their way and decided to ask the man who is harvesting coconut if what the name of the place is. The man can’t understand English and he answered “Halin kamo dyan” thinking and protecting those American against the struct of the coconut fruit. The American can’t understand and they only grasp the word Alimodian. Finally the group of American invaders named the place Alimodian from that time on.

In 1970, the place became a regular barangay under the leadership of Mr.Jaime Alpuerto Sr. as Tenyente Del Barrio. Due to health failure the leadership was succeeded by Buenaventura Andam Sr. as the first elected Barangay Captain Year (1972-1974), followed by Mr. Jaime Alpuerto Sr. as appointed Barangay Captain year (1974-1981) followed by Mr.Felix Candidier Jr., as appointed Barangay Captain year (1981-1985) followed by Mr. Dionesio Amianes as OIC for 1 year (1985-1986) followed by Mr. Jaime Alpuerto Jr., as the 3rd elected Barangay Captain year (1986-1984) followed by Mrs. Nena Frejas, as 4th elected Barangay Captain year (1994-1996) and Alejandro Alpuerto Sr., as the 5th elected Barangay Captain year (1996-2010) with the intervention of the national government, provincial government and municipal government, projects and development came in. The New Alimodian National High School, two automatic water pump that supply portable water for drinking, multipurpose drier, national road, generator that energized the barangay that was 10 years ago but we are fortunate enough because of the electrification that energize the whole community, Day care center, Barangay Hall, and coming up projects are the water system who has already been started...
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