The History of African American Slavery

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  • Published : August 2, 2009
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The History of African American Slavery
Tongela Vaughan
Axia College of University of Phoenix
The History of African American Slavery
A slave is someone who is owned by another human. They do as they are told to do by their owners. African Americans had an unfair start in America, by being captured and brought over from Africa to be slaves. Do you know how slaves were treated? The conditions and treatment of slaves were different fromthe average American. Do you know how slavery came to an end? The slaves receivedtheir freedom in different types of ways. Before long, slavery was ended and they were set free to live their lives according to their own choice. For the African Americans brought to America as indentured servants, they were fed and housed. Their jobs as indentured servants were short lived. Afterwards, they would be given what were known as “freedom dues,” which usually included a piece of land and supplies. Those supplies included a gun. Both black-skinned and white-skinned servants became free. The first colony to start slavery was Maryland. There were two major points that escalated the demand for more slaves in America. Those points were the quest more land and an economy based upon profit. The slaves were sold or traded to other owners. Slaves were needed to work on the plantations dealing with different goods, as in cotton, rice and sugar cane. As well as having slaves on plantations, others saw it as a business rationale. Many slaves worked on building ships, sail making, iron foundries, and other labored jobs. To save money, the slave owners acquired slaves rather than hire laborers. The slaves were sold to owners all over from the Carolinas to New York and New Jersey. When the African Americans became slaves, they were sometimes forced to do things against their will. The slaves had not rights that their white slavers were bound to respect as in sexual, social, economic, religious, cultural or political. The sexual...
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