The Historical Events in the Philippines

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, 2001 EDSA Revolution, Corazon Aquino

The historical events in the Philippines
History: Return of democracy (1987 to present year)


In a bid to fully restore the democratic form of government, President Corazon Aquino appointed 48 members of the constitutional convention that drafted a new constitution restoring the presidential form of government and abolishing the Batasang Pambansa. The 1987 Constitution replaced the 1973 Constitution which was amended twice in 1981 and 1984. •The Reform the AFP Movement (RAM) led by Gregorio Honasan, one of the leaders of the EDSA revolution, staged a military coup against the newly-installed Aquino government on August 28, 1987. The rebel troops attacked both Camp Aguinaldo and Camp Crame but were repelled by government forces. There were other unsuccessful attempts of military coups led by the RAM, the Nationalist Army of the Philippines (NAP), and an attempt by the combined forces of RAM and NAP. •MV Doña Paz, a maritime vessel owned by Sulpicio Lines, sank after colliding with a small oil tanker named Vector, on December 20, 1987. The local inter-island passenger ferry was travelling to Manila from Catbalogan, Samar. Victor with more than 8,000 barrels of oil, burst into flames and the fire rapidly into Dona Paz. Officially it was reported that 1,565 persons perished from the disaster but it is believed the death toll was much higher due to reports that the ferry was overloaded with passengers. It was the worst passenger ferry disaster in the world, and the worst maritime disaster in recent post-war history.


A 7.8 magnitude earthquake, one of the most powerful and devastating natural calamities to hit the country, caused widespread catastrophic damage in Luzon, especially in the central and Cordillera regions, on July 16, 1990. An estimated 1,600 people died in massive earthquake. 1991

The second-largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century, and the largest eruption to affect a heavily populated area, occurred at Mount...
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