The Hippie Subculture

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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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The Hippy Subculture
“The hippies—the rebels and dropouts of the Haight-Ashbury community of San Francisco—generated one of the most influential of history's dress reform movements. Their style was so outrageous and anomalous that it alone could have made the hippie movement impossible to ignore” (Lobenthal) They wanted to show rejection of their parents’ lifestyles and morals and used their clothing as a way to rebel (Baughman) and also “wanted clothes that reflected their values and adopted a huge range of diverse styles” (Pendergast) Their clothing was bought from thrift stores and second hand shops to show their rejection of materialism. (Pendergast) Hippies wore flowers in their hair and clothes, faded and dusty bell bottom jeans, and tie dye t-shirts. Flowers were often placed on their clothing because it represented their connection to nature. (Pendergast) They either wore sandals or just went completely barefoot. Hair wasn’t kept up and was grown long and woman rarely ever wore makeup. Hippies chose to be as natural as they possibly could. (Baughman) The use of LSD had contributed to the clothing that hippies wore and caused them to be bright and colorful. The flamboyant clothing is referred to as “psychedelic fashion” (Lobenthal) In the 1960’s, hippies began to use drugs such as marijuana and LSD to “expand their consciousness” (Feinstein). When people moved out to the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco, people would be given free food, clothes, and drugs. “The fact that they handed out drugs free of charge demonstrates how common drug use was in Haight-Ashbury and how prevalent drugs were in the counterculture” (Brownell). The use of LSD was unknown to the public until the 1960’s when a psychologist at Harvard University named Timothy Leary began to experiment with LSD and encouraged his students to use. (Brownell) Timothy told young people to “Turn on to the scene, tune in to what is happening, and drop out—of high school, college, grad...
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