The Hippie Legacy

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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The Hippie Legacy.

- Counterculture movement;
began in US, spread to UK;
big from 1965, declined in 1970s;
white, 15-25 of age, mostly students;
seen as wasters, druggies, idiots, green-freaks;
heavily influenced by music (Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles);
easily identified by their style - tried to distance themselves from conventional, structured styles.

in Britain, there had always been an artsy, bohemian underground; widely known as ‘the underground’, even though media tried to dub them Flower Children in London; What did they do?
held sit-ins in universities, protested for rights;
promoted ‘free love’ and ‘love and peace’;
went to festivals such as the Knebworth Festival;
experimented with drugs - cannabis, hallucinogens (LSD); often denounced alcohol;

-> overall, dejected anything mainstream and conventional, thus many were seen as wasters, bums and as being useless.

movement declined in 1970s, after the infamous ‘summer of love’, 1967. Social legacy:
a couple can live together out of marriage and not be judged. wider rights for gay, lesbian, transsexual people.
sexual topics are less of a taboo.
feminist movement - women played a large role in hippie movement; many, both men and women, chose to go naked, creating an equality and freedom throughout. some argue that hippie movement led to wider integration of black people - many see this as being untrue as very view black people were involved in this movement; the black rights movement happened at the same time, so the results of the two could be blurred. Style legacy:

long hair and facial hair were unacceptable before the 1960s; long, flowy dresses and skirts; colourful flower patterns, light materials, dip-dye; flowers worn in hair, peace sign accessories. Cultural legacy:

The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix Experience; folk, psychedelic rock
-> many current bands would use these as their musical influences. the Glastonbury Festival in England is to this day considered...
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