The Hip Hop Wars: Hip Hop Demeans Women

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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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THE HIP HOP WARS: Hip Hop Demeans Women
““I said ‘Bitch, why you such a stupid hoe?’ You lil’ bitch, you never could fuck with this. And every bitch that don’t like it, she can suck my dick.” These lyrics were taken from the song “Call her a bitch” by the rapper Too Short. With song lyrics like this one, it is very difficult for people both biased and unbiased to hip hop to even try to defend it. Although it is not the only music genre to have lines objectifying women, it is once again, as with other less than glorious topics, associated with the hip hop/rap genre the most. Throughout this chapter Rose makes very valid points with supported reasoning. As long as the public continues to support the objectivity of women, why would hip hop artists making good money stop?

Rose begins her argument by talking about two groups of people, those who use it to further advance the argument of black people and their deviance and those who worry about the influences of hip hop (Rose 114-115). The problem is that much of society believes that hip hop is only about the negative things, specifically for this essay, demeaning women. The “putting-down” of black women has been stemmed back far in history. “This strategy was designed to counter the mainstream idea throughout all of the slavery era and well into the twentieth century that black women were sexually excessive and deviant as a class of women” (Rose 115). Black women were perceived to be more sexual and mysterious in a way in comparison to white women, and so that is exactly how white males treated and used them. If patterns of this behavior and attitude toward black women have been rooted for so long, how are women ever going to receive the respect they deserve?

Rebecca Hagelin, a vice-president of The Heritage Foundation says the following quote, “Why do we as a nation produce and embrace a pop culture that glorifies rap and hip hop music that teaches men to prey upon women and engage in senseless violence and...
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