The Hiking Trip

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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In the short story, Jeff has to go on a hiking trip with his dad. The only problem was that the hiking trip was to reach town and get help for his brother that stayed back in the camp they were staying at. In this short story, Jeff showed his mood as a reluctant yet motivated courageous guy and the author reveals this by setting up a conflict in which Jeff has to express his qualities and act braver than he is in order to find a solution. The author of this story creates a scenery in which it builds up to the main point or main idea. The proof of the selections and quotes used will show the attitude and mood of Jeff throughout the story and how they change based upon the situation he is in.

At the beginning of the story, Jeff shows that he is reluctant and in a way scared towards making the hiking trip with his father across the canyon in order to reach town. "I never wanted to come on this stupid old hiking trip anyway!" His voice echoed, shrill and panicked, across the narrow canyon. Jeff reveals that although it is to reach the town he will not change his mind about how much he does not want to make the effort to go across the canyon. He states that he is scared and does not want to have courage when his father explains to him as he gets tired that he needs to be brave and go across with a level head. Although this might have changed Jeff's mind, he still did not want to go and this showed that his childhood behavior played part in the story as well.

After his father's weariness and loss of breath, he convinces Jeff to cross the canyon because he tell him that his brother needs medical attention in order to save his life. This makes Jeff come into realization that he needs to be brave and soon becomes motivated in crossing the canyon. As soon as helt that motivation towards his brother, "Stone by stone, they made their way up the canyon. Jeff's father grew smaller and smaller in the distance." This is a great example in the showing of how motivated he...
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