The Highwayman

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INTRODUCTION – (1 paragraph) STRUCTURE 1. Opening sentences which introduce the poem, its author and its form.Explain why the poem is of a particular form (either a ballad or lyric poem). 2. Thesis statement: A general statement about what the poem communicates about life and life experience. 3. Signpost: briefly outline the more specific reasons for how/why the poem conveys this life experience and / or message. (Introduce the main features which will be explored in more detail in the body of your essay). | INTRODUCTION 1. “The Highwayman” is a ballad poem written by the author, Alfred Noyes. Many features of the ballad are evident in this poem; it tells a narrative story, it has a regular rhythm, meter and rhyme scheme and there some of repetition of words, phrases & lines. Also, this poem effectively uses a number of imagery and sound devices to tell the story. 2. “The Highwayman” communicates an important message to readers that forbidden love can only bring about tragic consequences. 3. The author conveys this message through the content and storyline, the use of imagery and use of sound devices.| BODY – (3 paragraphs)| |

Briefly explain what the content of the poem is about and how it develops a particular perspective on life and life experience which readers can learn from. Draw on examples from the poem to support your interpretation of its content and the perspective on life and life experience it develops. Remember to provide specific evidence from the poem to justify your ideas.PARAGRAPH STRUCTURE: a. Topic Sentence (main point of the paragraph). This sentence outlines your central point of the paragraph. b. Supporting sentences (facts, evidence, reasoning, appeals to readers’ emotions, appeals to readers’ sense of logic by drawing on key examples from the poem). Direct quotes must be accurately referenced to and drawn on in outlining your point. c. Extended reasoning...
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