The Higher the Better

Topics: Human, Race and Ethnicity, Mammal Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: February 10, 2013
The Higher the Better
In the short story “The Damned Hman Race” by Mark Twain, he mentions that the human race consider themselves as the “highest animal”. The term “highest animal” generally means, to me, that they are better in every category than the other animal species. In my opinion, we humans are the “lowest animal”. This opinion of mine is judging from our violence, insults, discrimination and lack of survival skills that we are known for globally. We are known for racial discrimination against anyone different from us. There is discrimination against race, gender, wealth, religion, disabilities, and where you live. Yes, we have had laws forbidding these discriminations (for example amendment fourteen in the U.S Constitution), but they still go on everywhere in this modern day world. Animals do not discriminate. When one Leopard has more or different colored spots than another, it doesn’t make them treat one another differently. They treat one another better than the humans do.

With discrimination usually comes violence. Adolf Hitler discriminated against Jews, so he punished them by burning them to death or he put the Jews in concentration camps. Americans discriminated against African Americans, so because of that we punished them by making them our slaves, gave them no rights, and we abused them. We abuse and punish other human beings who are not like us and receive pleasure from it. Other animals on the other hand, fight over food (food chain wise) or mating.

Many human beings feel the need to abuse the innocent with no reason at all, as in, abusing or molesting younger humans. When It comes into animal terms, they do eat and hunt other animals but for survival. We abuse the children for ne reasonable reason at all, which is very cruel Think of this, if a human being was out in the wild with no phone, human food, and water, how long would they last? If you put a strong human being and a lion in a cage together to fight, who would win? Animals...
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