The Higher Education in Europe

Topics: Education, Higher education, High school Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: March 28, 2013
I. Write a 1- page essay on The Higher Education in Europe and emphasize the role of education in people’s lives.

Education is associated in my mind with moral principles such as the respect for the people around us, honesty as well as knowledge from different fields of activity and competences. The part that teachers play in students’ lives is to prepare them for the world beyond the gate of the school.

The general trend nowadays goes towards increasing the number of high school graduates who choose to attend higher education in Europe.

This is a good opportunity for young people’s equal access to universities and colleges in European countries that are famous for their high quality courses and strategies meant to facilitate students’ integration in the work market and their access to better paid jobs.

The higher qualified the younger generation is the more they contribute to their own decent life standard as well as to other people's welfare by promoting a stable and democratic society. The government in each European country should take measures meant to support families with low income level by offering scholarships to children so that they can attend school and prepare for the future career. The children’s right to education should be observed from the moment they first come to school. Parents and teachers should keep in touch and monitor children’s behaviour and attitude to learning. Meeting between teachers and students’ parents such as ‘The parents’ School’ offer good advice to parents and create ‘bridges’ with school. In order to prevent students from being absent from school, getting involved in juvenile delinquency, leaving school before graduating it, they need a kind and friendly atmosphere both at home and at school, motivating classes , encouragement, involvement in a big variety of tasks that can make them feel affectively safe. Students should benefit from a climate that encourages competition, school performance by...
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