The High Renaissance

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The High Renaissance
The renaissance was a period between 1400 to 1650 where the influences in art, philosophy, and literature extended far beyond the bounds of what they’d ever been before to include new theories and styles which give character to this all new classical model. The actual term renaissance means the revival of art and literature under civilized terms in Europe extending from the 14th to the 17th century. It was also characterized by an overwhelming theme of renewal of life, character, or a rebirth. Throughout this period of a new eruption of beliefs there was yet another type of belief which got its start in ancient Greece and was making its way back into the minds and beliefs of modern man. The idea of humanism which began with protagoras states that man is the measure of all things, or in simple terms, man is the center of the universe which under some circumstances is defined as a universe without any form of God. A type of art which would drastically change styles of artists for years to come was a style called mannerism. It came to be around 1520 and was characterized by a scheme of depth and posing usually accented by dark colors. This alone would be a great asset to the rest of the world when it came to artistry. Three of the most influential men of the Renaissance who we still hail with awes at the sight of their work today would be known by many as the High Renaissance Triad made up of Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael.

During this time the city of Athens would remain the center of the idea of humanism applying the title Renaissance Humanism to the philosophical and cultural movement only known of today because it extended across all of europe throughout the 15th century. This movement is what mainly ended the middle ages and led the world into the modern era of art and philosophy. The men who led this “Renaissance Humanism” were inspired by none-other than the ancient Greek texts of Athens as well as Rome dating back a...
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