The Hidden Evil in Pornography

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Erotica, Human sexuality Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Pornography is an effective educational tool in cultivating the sexual beliefs and behaviors. However, the imperceptible menace is jeopardizing the normal sexual relationship in our society. The paramount pathological content in erotic materials, for instance, rape and child molestation, have indoctrinated wrong attitude of libido of women and children. It also acts as permission-giver of believe which unconsciously permitting illegal sexual behaviors in reality and unobtrusively manipulating the sexual violence attitudes and behaviors, especially towards rape (qtd. in Layden 2). Numerous researchers have highlighted the patent positive correlation between frequent exposures of pornography with boarder rape myths acceptance (qtd. in Layden 4). As attitudes affect behavior, there is no doubt to link sexual violence attitudes in pornography with solid violence behavior. Surprisingly, reports indicated actually all types of pornography could trigger possibility of sexual violence and amplify the sexual fantasies which therefore lead to actual rape (qtd. in Layden 5).

As a female, even I comprehend the biological needs of male to fulfill their sexual fantasy through pornography. It is my convinced that pornography does contribute in provoking male’s primitive sexual aggression no matter the content of the pornography is violence or not. Pornographic materials not only sexually objectifies women but seriously distorted the sexual relationship between two genders. With the greater accessibility to pornographic and obscenity materials through different media, it is for sure rate of sex crimes will increase eventually. Therefore, I strongly suggest government should enforce strict law in restricting pornography industry and protecting woman’s dignity.
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