The Heroin Trail

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  • Published : January 4, 2011
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To the producers of Newsround,

I have attached my research essay on the Heroin trail on the page below. As you may or may not be aware 90% of the world’s heroin comes from Afghanistan, also one of the worlds most corrupt and less economically developed countries in the world. The heroin trail starts in Afghanistan where a struggling farmer grows his opium poppies on the bit of land he has, his country is in turmoil, he’s largely disconnected from the rest of the population, and he has few options to earn a living. There's no irrigation infrastructure, and poppies are the only plants tough enough to withstand the environmental conditions but also the only plant that will earn him eight times as much money as any other crop. The gum which is extracted from the opium poppies is then transformed into heroin which is bough by a “Khan” or in other words the lord of drug trade, he will then buy it and send it off for exportation either by animal, truck or boat through mountainous or oceanic regions over to the Iranian border where the process continues until it reaches Turkey, one of Europe’s main tourist and holiday destinations, with Turkey being so large and busy, it is the perfect location to ship it across European countries and into the UK where eventually it is being sold on the streets of Britain to addicts who are more than likely to have a record of crime and theft. The sheer size and illegal nature of the opium economy means that it permeates and seriously affects Afghanistan's economy, state, society, and politics. The opium economy is a massive source of corruption and gravely demoralizes the reliability of the government and its local representatives. Because of the country’s civil war and low GDP, it has made it increasingly difficult for the poorest in the country to provide for their families as the country’s government are having to find ways in which they can overcome the national conflict as well as economical deficit, so while they are also growing illegally as well as inhaling the harmful scent of the drug, they also have to keep their poppies under good maintenance so they will meet the drug barons preference and earn money for it. The global effects of the heroin trail means that border controls throughout southern Asia and Europe are under tight surveillance, especially along the mountainous border of Iran where on a daily basis drugs are being smuggled into the country’s margin. This puts pressure on the Iranian police who are forced to eliminate the numbers of drug smugglers there are entering the country. A local research report recently issued that at least several hundreds maybe more smugglers enter the country on a weekly-monthly basis without being caught by border officials on patrol in the most common routes around the mountains. It is very often that border officials and Afghan smugglers will be caught in a war of weapons where they will open fire until death; many cases such as this have resulted into members of the Iranian military in casualty or even dead. Because of this, the Iranian government have made plans to try ands tackle the problems mainly because of the difficult location of the country which is freely allowing citizens of Afghanistan to use the country as a primary location for smuggling and exportation and now studies show that the price of drugs has increased 30 percent in Iran following the Iranian border police tight control over the country's borders, Press TV reported. "The price of drugs has increased 30 percent in Iran after we toughened our border activities to prevent drug smuggling into the country," local police commander Hossein Zolfaghari said in an interview with Fars news agency. The Iranian commander further pointed out that border police activities over drug smuggling will even be toughened next year.” Police are also trying to arrest drug smugglers to reduce the harm inside the country," he added. Iran lies on a transit corridor between opium-producing...
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