"The Heroes Journey vs. the Wizard of Oz

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  • Published : October 7, 2007
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"The Heroes Journey"

The Heroes Journey is a point in one's life that changes a person forever. This journey one undergoes follows a timeless theme called the monomyth. The Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell, shows that throughout history every culture follows the common myth of the Hero. The key components in the "Heroes Journey" have a major impact on storytelling. The Heroes Journey has 12 basic stages; in which guide on through any certain. The Journey's 12 basic steps consist of , 1) ordinary world 2) Call to adventure3) Refusal of the Call 4) meeting with Mentor 5) crossing the first threshold 6) Tests allies and enemies the come across 7) Approach to the Inmost cave 8) ordeal 9) reward 10) the road back 110 Resurrection and finally 12) Return with Elixir. These timeless patterns have alson helped create the ideas for the most classic movies. The Wizard of Oz has been drastically influence by the major theme of the monomyth in a circular narrative. In Campbell's discovery the ideas of the story is just part of the endless variation of an example of the Heroes Journey.

The story begins in the world of the innocence. Dorothy orphaned as a child, lives on a gray open farmland with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. Dorothy's dog, Toto, always toyed around with their neighbor, Ms Gulch, making her unwelcome to this character. After calling the Sheriff to get Toto to stay out of her garden, Toto bites Ms Gluch. Toto is taken away to be put to sleep, and although Dorothy begs and pleads none of the adults help. Here is where Dorothy's call for the quest ties in to place. Soon Dorothy's journey will begin. So overtaken with emotion she flea's her home steals Toto back and decides to come home, as a tornado is approaching. Although Dorothy tried to enter the shed Toto runs in to the home with Dorothy to follow. Here Dorothy accepts her call, the house Toto and Dorothy get carried away to a new land, the Land of Oz. As she awakens she has found a land...
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