The Hero : a Soldier's Cry

Topics: Human, Death Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: November 22, 2011
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Muhammad S. Khurshid
English 102 / Essay 2
1 November 2011
Speaking : The hero By Felix Pollak This short poem is about a soldier’s simple & just thoughts, who wants to live and let live, everybody in harmony and freedom. The charm of this poem , that this is factual rather than fictional. The current time of war-full scenario with a global anti-political awakening movements, is fit for back ground of this poem. It’s a beautiful fuel for understanding the inside wishes of everybody who just ponder or have a simple understanding of life, like our soldier. A soldier in army of his country is crying for peace, when he was inducted without his intention into the war. “They inducted me “ ( He didn’t want to kill any human being. But he had to go through court-martial, and attributes like coward, yellow etc.. Same things happened when he died during injury. His officers called him brave and his family to be our pride. Whereas, he clarify to say them liars and cruel coward rather Hero. The speaker of poem is a commissioned soldier, who is explaining his position between hero and villain , wishing the powerful nations for peace and prosperity. He is representing the common and affected people by this contention of wars. > > "They called me yellow” (4)

> > > The audience are people who are peaceful, know little about wars and fighting. They thought, they have been deceived by their leaders. It addresses the people who own and want a harmonious environment without discrimination and cruelty in the territory. The time of this poem is very crucial, that make it interesting and easy to get. When at the one hand are the...
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