The Hero's Quest

Topics: Drumline, Crab louse, Marching band Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Bret Eilertson
November 20, 2011
Period Six
Hero Quest Essay

Devon Myles, as played by Nick Cannon, is on a personal journey to be the greatest snare drummer that has ever gone through Atlanta A&T University. Devon wants to take part of every opportunity that comes his way while he is at college. But that also includes steamrolling people into thinking like him with his attitude. Devon also wants to help win the BET Big Southern Classic marching band competition. But will the band make it all the way to the final competition? Devon receives his Call to Adventure when he is graduating from high school in Harlem, NYC. He is an incredibly adept percussionist and drumline captain, and has just received a full ride scholarship to Atlanta A&T University. Dr. Lee, who specifically came to visit Devon and his mom to persuade him to come to A&T, is trying to put together one of the best drumlines in the country and he wants Devon to be a key member of it. Devon realizes that this is the opportunity of a lifetime and jumps at the chance.

After arriving at Atlanta A&T, band practice begins and since Devon is a freshman, he is deemed a crab, the name given to freshmen band members who have not completed training. The training consists of physical training, some rudimentary music lessons and the training of how the members will be marching on the field. The crabs then have to complete a brief test to see if they are up to the challenge of being in the band. After the majority of the crabs can pass, they audition for a spot in the band, at which point they have successfully completed their road of trials.

Since Devon is from New York and believes that he can woo women any way he wants, he faces a true challenge when he comes across the girl he finds to be a goddess. Leila, who is a junior at A&T, at first thinks that Devon is just like all of the other guys to roll through college. After a while, she finds out that Devon is more than just a “fly...
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