The Hellenic Republic

Topics: Greece, Ottoman Empire, Greeks Pages: 3 (1183 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Professor Robert Bookmiller Ph.D.
Government and Politics of the Middle East-Govt 323
June 4, 2012

Assignment for Module Four – The Hellenic Republic (Greece) 1.How did Greek nationalism develop in the 19th century? What are some of the various periods of conflict between Greece and the Ottoman Empire/Republic of Turkey which may have contributed to furthering a sense of Greek nationalism? At the end of the 18th century as the Ottoman Empire declines in power, Greek outlaw groups emerged and organized to challenge the Ottoman Empire that eventually turned into the Greek Revolution. European innovation was the foundation of the Greek uprising. Greek intellects wanted to do away with the Ottoman Empire due to their “Nationalist” view points. The Ottoman Empire was occupied with multi-ethnic groups and was not sure how to respond to the rising powers of Europe. Many Ottoman soldiers and Greek warriors were lost in a series of battles. The Greeks won Athens but not the Acropolis. England and France engaged in assistance to the Greeks while Egypt stepped in to aid the Turks. Eventually Greece became a small independent state, in 1829 when the second Treaty of London was signed. There were still Greek decedents that lived beyond the new state. Ottoman Soldiers eventually gave up the Acropolis.

2.Between 1977 (shortly after the restoration of democracy in Greece) and the May 2012 election, the center-right New Democracy party and the center-left Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement (known mostly by its acronym PASOK) alternated in power in Greece. What are the political platforms of each of these parties? There are currently two main parties that dominate Greece’s political system. The political platform of the Pan Hellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) began in 1974 and emerged with a western flair, was considered disciplined and well organized. The party’s materialized from the military movement against the resistance just a few years...
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