The Heavy Metal Roles in Today’s Society

Topics: Heavy metal music, Judas Priest, Blues Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Nowadays, music has become part of our life and there are several genre of music in the world. Heavy metal is the most controversy music genre. I think the heavy metal music exist for a certain reason. Therefore, I will talk about the roles of heavy metal music in today’s society, how is it affect the society and if heavy metal does not exist what is going to happen and society should be thankful for the existence of the heavy metal music.

Heavy metal music is well known as devil music, loud volume, aggressive sound and lyric. It always is the target of criticism by the parent groups and society. Even though, it attacked by the mainstream music industry, but it’s still the most successful and tenacious element of modern popular music. I think heavy metal music possesses a quality that touches something deeper more than existence as a viable musical commodity. The heavy metal music adherents a sense of belonging and personal power which help the heavy metal fans to overcome the existential issues of personal identity and interpersonal relationships in a modern world. It actually provides a different view for the world and sense of special community. It’s often misunderstood by the society, therefore, I would like to explain it to the society about the roles of heavy metal music to solve the misunderstanding between the society and the heavy metal music through this research paper.

First of all, I would like to talk about the history of heavy metal music and explain what attracted the heavy metal fans, why heavy metal music has the possibly to be success and doesn’t demise. Next, I’ll talk about the album covers art and the intensity of the performances by comparing the album artwork with grotesque.

I’ll continue my research paper with the heavy metal culture and the daily live of the heavy metal musicians and the fans to give a view of where and how the society go with heavy metal music.

For the psychology of heavy metal music, I’ll first talk about...
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