The Heart is an Unpredictable Beast: Triage

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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“The heart is an unpredictable beast.”
How does Triage show this to be true?

In the novel Triage, author Scott Anderson makes obvious that the emotions and the states of mind of each character are capricious, far from expected. Mark Walsh, the protagonist, is a war photographer who has always believed that he is able to cope with his job by “keeping it separate” from his life outside his job. However, after the traumatising experiences in Kurdistan, his emotions are proven to be random and impulsive, thus leading to unforseen actions. Mark’s disturbed emotions cause him to disremember Colin’s death and thus lead him to a series of abnormal emotion and feelings. Also, we can see that a fickle heart can be alarmingly dangerous; it may even lead to blameless fatalities. In Triage, the survivors of war possess a complicated state of mind. The heart oftentimes seems steady and foreseeable, but this is merely a façade and hides an erratic, fickle, sometimes volatile nature. In Kurdistan, Mark is hit by an artillery shell and seriously injured. He is forced to leave his best friend, Colin, behind in aid of his own survival. As a result, his coping mechanism of “keeping it separate” collapses. No longer “shielded” from the effects of war by his camera, Mark is pushed over the edge and suffers a mental breakdown. Mark loses his memory of Kurdistan. Coming back to New York, Elena “struggled to find something familiar” in him, but her lover is almost unrecognizable to her. Still, Mark keeps the events of Kurdistan from her, “letting out the pain only when he thought he was alone”. Being the sensitive person that he is, Mark simply could not bear to tell Elena, though there were moments where he was tempted to. However, the “beast” in him retaliates, reasons with him, saying that he needs “time”. Opposing to the thoughts of his mind, he instead tells Elena that “it was revealed to me that I should have a baby with you”. Elena tries to get him to see a doctor, but Mark...
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