The Health Care Reform

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Medicine Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Melissa O’Connell
Professor de Rocher
English 1101 Section 10
14 November 2011

The Health Care Reform
“We will pass reform that lowers cost, promotes choice, and provides coverage that every American can count on, and we will do it this year.” This quote is a dominant statement said by the most recently elected President, Barak Obama. One of the main approaches of both political parties was the health care reform. The statement reveals promising encouragement, but the health care quotes continue. Georgia republican candidate John Oxendine said, “Their proposal would virtually devastate the private healthcare sector in this country along with competition and patient choice, and be replacing it with bureaucratic planning and government control. The result of this plan and its one trillion dollar price tag will bring harm to those the Congress is actually trying to help.” The Health Care Reform is a concern for people that have health insurance, for those that can’t afford health insurance, and the price of healthcare for everyone. I personally do not agree that this colossal health care reform bill will help what is actually afflicting our health care structure. The cost of this health care bill combines to an already towering national debt. So should a universally accessible health care system be established in the United States? Where specifically in the Constitution does it grant Congress the authority to assign an individual health insurance mandate? The Constitution of the United States was written to create government structure, but also have provisions to keep the government in check. This document mainly serves to keep the citizens protected from the government as it should in this health care reform bill. Now it’s generally known that almost nothing is actually free in this day and time. Anything that is supposedly free will usually end up being a gimmick, or on the other hand just costing someone else; therefore it’s not free at all. Providing a...
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