The Healing Power of Nature Hippocrates “the Father of Medicine”

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The Healing Power of Nature


“The Father of medicine”

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In early Greek medicine, Hippocrates; the most important figure in medicine during this period, adopted a holistic approach to medicine which presented that all disease results from natural causes and must be treated using natural methods. This research report examines the identification of the present application in two separate cultural settings and compares the applications in order to analyze the potential future trends for the theoretical idea.

The Healing Power of Nature


“The Father of medicine”

Medicine was second to mathematics during the ancient Greek civilization. Sick people during this time period reported to temples that were specifically dedicated to the “Greek God of Healing” known as Asclepius for their cures. During this time, a man named Hippocrates known to this civilization as the great ancient Greek physician began teaching that every disease had only natural causes.

Hippocrates; born on the island of Kos, Greece, travelled widely before settling to practice and teach medicine. Although little was known about his life he most certainly wrote a large selection of the approximately 60 texts that consist of the well known Hippocratic Collection. The Hippocratic collection was composed between c.420 and 350BC which assisted in defining the beginning of Western medical traditions and practices. The Hippocratic works, although written by many hands and included several of theoretical ideas, it dealt with many aspects of health and disease to include diagnosis, surgery, hygiene, and therapeutics.

Amongst these treatises were some of his very best to include: The Sacred Disease which dealt with epilepsy and his conclusion that the cause was a blockage in the brain, Airs, Waters and Places which examined the roles of environmental conditions in the cause of disease, Epidemics which presented carefully observed case histories, Aphorisms which were a composition of carefully observed bedside generalizations and the Nature of Man which elaborated on the doctrine of humors and offered a powerful framework that remained the capstone of practical medicine well into the 19th century.

The Bodies “Power of natural Healing” to many may have seemed a myth during the Greek medicine era; however, an underlying explanation exists for this natural vital force. The strategy of natural healing is the holistic treatment of disease and illness. Within the body, a connection of bodily cells are arranged by a complex network of communications and supply system that work inter-relatedly to maintain harmony and balance within the blood, lymph, nervous, hormonal and immune systems which are depicted in health.

Weakness and dysfunction within the body’s links must be traced, identified and addressed in order to solve the problems. Nutrients are used by genes in order to affect repairs and allow the body to heal naturally, however, in order for this system to deliver its intent, ingestion, digestion, absorption, circulation, cellular acceptance, and excretion must be working correctly. When these essential functions of our bodies are degenerative in nature, the body’s natural ability can be reversed due to nutrient deficiencies causing illnesses. For this explanation Hippocrates often prescribed rest, exercise, improved diet, music, and the association of friends to restore the body’s natural state of harmony. These prescribed anecdotes support the influence of the body’s natural harmony and balance. Along with this, Hippocrates believed that drugs should not harm the patient, that surgery is absolutely necessary when the introduction of drugs was to be considered ineffective. In order for Doctors to make such wise decisions when caring for health, he/she must know the patient and have the patients wellness in the best of his/her...
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