The Harmful Effects of Computers and the Internet

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The Harmful Effects of Computers and the Internet
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Computers along with the Internet have come a long way from their first uses in the military and by large corporations. Today, computers are an important part of modern life. More and more people are purchasing computers for use in the home. Whether they are surfing the web or managing their finances, computers have become a useful tool. Some parents are purchasing computers and using them as electronic babysitters for their children. They might not see the dangers of this behavior. Everyday children are becoming addicted to computers and the internet the same way a person becomes addicted to drugs. Parents have to take extra care of making sure that their children are safe on and from the computer and the Internet. There are so many dangers that face children in the virtual world. It’s up to the parents to keep the kids safe from those dangers.

The Harmful Effects of Computers and the Internet
Over the past few years, I have noticed just how dependent my whole family is on technology. Currently in my home we have four computers with internet access, two Microsoft X-Box 360s, a Sony Playstation 2 and a Playstation 3. As a wife and mother, I have to be concerned about what my family is being exposed to. I thought that as long as I spot checked what my children were doing, that they would be okay. I had mistakenly believed that my children would understand the rights and wrongs of the Internet. One day I discovered my then nine-year-old son watching pornography on the computer. I was horrified and quickly ground him. After his punishment was over, I permitted him to get back on; again he went back to the porn. His doctor was the one who told me about computer addiction and said that I had to get a handle on this. At first I wondered how he could become so addicted to the internet. It was then I realized that he was simply modeling the same behavior that he saw in our family. I know that I am on the computer from the time I get up in the morning to I go to bed. Most of this is because I’m working on college work, but I realized that there are times I didn’t need to be on. However, my husband is another story; every morning he gets up for work two hours before he has to get ready, gets on the computer and stays there until he leaves. On the weekend, he wakes up around nine o’clock in the morning and on the computer until after noon. The afternoon is filled with television and video games. My children spent the entire day alternating turns on one computer. It wasn’t until I spoke to my sons’ doctor that I realized that there was a real problem. She explained to me that my youngest son was very addicted to the computer. I knew that he had a problem, but I had failed to understand just how bad computer addiction was. There are many dangers for children on the computer, especially the internet; many of these dangers include inappropriate websites, cyber bullying, online predators, among other problems. The very first computers were created in the 1600’s; but in 1939 before the first special-purpose electronic digital computer was constructed by John B. Atanasoff. The Internet was originally created by the U.S. Department of Defense in the 1960’s and was originally called ARPnet [ (2011) ]. Originally, computers’ primary use was for the military and large corporations. In the early 1970’s computers became smaller and this allowed people to purchase computers for personal use. Everyday more people are buying computers for personal uses. People use the computers to shop, manage finances, and other entertainment purposes. There is however a sinister side to computers and the Internet. More parents are allowing their children to have unlimited access to computers and the Internet. While computers aid in educational purposes, there are many dangers that inhabit the Internet. Parents have...
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