The Harmful Effects of Bullying

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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The Harmful Effects of Bullying

Persuasive Essay
The Harmful Effects of Bullying

Mary Pope
Grade 10
Hope Online Learning Academy

The Harmful Effects of Bullying
After a very normal day at school, as I prepared to do my homework, Stacie sat on the edge of her chair with a look of despair and deep frustration. Suddenly the work in front of me didn't seem as important, as a tear rolled off of her cheek, she began to sob profusely. As I realized that something was terribly wrong, she began to tell an agonizing tale of that day's events. In the tale the she told, she said that people had been making fun of her, pushing her, and even calling her names. Finally, it hit me: She had been bullied at school. After she had given the agonizing tale of what she had endured throughout the day, I realized that bullying has several harmful effects on people. Three harmful effects of bullying are school violence, depression, and eventually suicide; bullying is very serious, and it should have stricter consequences in school.

Bullying is the cause of much of the school violence across the globe. One example of school violence brought on by bullying was the Columbine High School Massacre. The Columbine High School Massacre took place on April 20, 1999. (Shepard, 1999). The shootings took place from 11:19 A.M. until 12:08 P.M. This massive school shooting was because the perpetrators Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold felt bullied, and they also wanted to get revenge on the people that had bullied them. As a result of this shooting, thirteen people including one teacher were killed; and twenty-four other people were seriously injured. This shooting at Columbine High School was the fourth deadliest school shooting in the history of the American School System. I believe that bullying should be considered a crime, because bullying has caused so many people to harm themselves, and other people. This is how bullying is the cause of much of the school violence...
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