The Hardship of the Working Poor

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Kutara Wilford
SYG2010 Midterm
March 1, 2012
The hardship of working poor and poverty

While poverty is associated time after time with a person being unemployed, a significant amount of the poor are actually employed. When this issue arises the question “How can one be employed yet still considered in poverty?” is thought about. The United States middle class is soon to become the “working poor.” According to discussion class, this is a problem that should be dealt with because one can obtain two jobs while still considered poor. Employed people are still considered “working poor” due to such low pay rates. They continue to face problems daily which then creates a hardship to either find or keep a job. While still trying to maintain being an employee they are still forced to save money to cover basic expenses which then pushes them further under the line of poverty. After reading Wikipedia unfortunately, it is safe to agree the most common struggles faced by the working poor are finding affordable housing, arranging transportation to and from work, buying basic necessities, arranging childcare, having unpredictable work schedules, juggling two or more jobs, and coping with low-status work. With the employer having the power to define how well-off one can be not only are they forced to work for little of nothing but still having to deal with an employer,whose making much more money than they are, attitude problems sometimes. Barbara in Nickeled and Dimed set out on a journey to find out how low wage workers made ends meet. Barbara can be considered in poverty due to literally, “working poor.” She traveled from place to place having different jobs in order to eat and pay rent. There were multiple cases where she had to obtain two jobs in order to stay above water. Also times where she had to move to other states to make ends meet. In the conclusion of her text she argues that workers should pressure employers to improve workers compensation. Even though...
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