The Hardest Decision I Ever Made

Topics: Rhythmic gymnastics, High school, Mother Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: November 14, 2012
The Hardest Decision I Ever Made
It was about 3 months ago when everything started; I woke up one day and got ready to go to work. Since it was the summer break my father had asked me if I could help out in the hotel because the receptionist had a surgery and couldn’t come to work for a whole month, so I accepted. I finished getting ready and left. On my way out I stopped by our letterbox because something was stuck there, (A leaf I think). I opened the letterbox and there it was: the leaflet that changed my whole life. That leaflet was not any leaflet: it was a publicity leaflet for the best rhythmic gymnastics club that was moving its training location to the public school near my house. While I was reading the leaflet, it brought back to me the memories of the years in elementary school when all of my friends did rhythmic gymnastics and I was the only one who was forced by her mother to do every single day 3 hours of ballet after school. I would always look at them playing with the ribbons they would bring to school or try to teach me how to do a handstand. Flexibility wasn’t a problem since in ballet I needed to be very flexible when doing the jump-split*(it’s when you jump in the air and do a sideways split while you’re in the air) also in my category I was the only girl to be able to do the perfect-split (when you do a sideways or frontal split and lean backwards and forwards with your upper body and touching the ground with your nose). Looking at the paper made me regret even more the decision I had made to quit ballet when I turned 14. The lame excuse was that studying got harder and exams were more frequent, the conclusion was: no more ballet. My mother, after a lot of convincing, accepted my decision and I no longer did ballet. Such a silly decision. I should have continued, because of that most of my flexibility is gone. On the leaflet there was a name and a phone number, it also said the first day of tryouts is free, I had absolutely nothing to...
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