The Hardest Decision I Ever Made

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Sept. 20, 2011

The most difficult decision I’ve ever made

We all have to make decisions everyday- big or small. But sometimes decision making createsa conflict and it becomes very difficult to make choices or to decide. Sometimes the smallest decisions prove to be the most difficult one. We all encounter different scenarios everyday. What‘s difficult for me might be the easiest one for you.

My Mom and Dad always compare me with my younger sister. They said that I and my sister are very opposite in terms of physical appearances like she is thin and I’m fat moreover in terms of our beauty, attitudes and characteristics. I can say that the best thing that can describe me is being thrifty or wise in terms of money. I don’t know how I manage my daily allowances and for others information also my allowance everyday is not that big, it is just enough for me to go to school, to come back home and to buy a lunch. I am not like other students that they don’t eat or buy foods just for the sake to save money for their wants and to buy gifts for their boyfriends or girlfriends. I’m not saying that it’s bad to save money for the things you aim for. It’s really a good idea instead of asking money from your parents.

Have you ever gone to a mall and spotted your most awaited dream musical instrument? It’s like love at first sight right? That’s the feeling that I got when I saw a HE-5 Yamaha Electone Organ. I’m a music lover and I love to play that favorite music of mine through my own hands. I can feel satisfaction every time I have done something like that. I’ve been saving for 3 years just to buy that and my parents don’t know anything about this. Problems are always present and those problems need solutions. Time comes that we struggled financially and I and my sister need money for order for us to take our exams. We still don’t have enough money to pay our tuition fees. All night I think about whether I will lend them my money that I saved for years...
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