The Harder They Come

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  • Published : November 7, 2006
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The Harder They Come
The Harder They Come was truly a revolutionary effort. Prior to this book being published their was not a great amount of West Indian literature that touched on the realities of Jamaica presented at hand within the novel. Not only did the book bring truth to light on an island thought to only be a resort, but it also spread the fire of reggae across the borders.

In Thelwell's re-adaptation of the movie, he alludes to many background and political details in addition to the original plot. Through clarifying on the debatable adaptation, the limitations, and the versioning attributed to The Harder They Come, one analyzes the similarities between the film and novel versions of Henzell's story. The Harder They Come focuses on the life of the main character, Ivanhoe Martin, who grows up in the country and following the death of his grandmother, moves to the city of Kingston seeking success as a recording artist. Unfortunately, he quickly realizes the harsh reality of city life when he unsuccessfully pursues legitimate employment. Acting on advice from his mother, he finds shelter with a preacher and girl, the preacher's protégée, named Elsa. However, due to an attraction to Elsa and other inappropriate behavior, the preacher eventually forces Ivan out of his home. As punishment for angrily slashing up another man's face, a court sentences and punishes Ivan by administering a caning. Rebounding from this incident, Ivan attempts to return to a respectable life as a recording artist and living with Elsa. Nevertheless, after receiving very little money for his first recording, Ivan resorts to selling ganja and trafficking drugs. These actions cause Ivan to develop a negative reputation with the police. Although his record sales sky rocket due to his infamous popularity, the police eventually catch up to him. After a few gun battles, in which Ivan acts out his cowboy fantasies, government forces ultimately gun him down resulting in his death and...
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