The Hard Part of Breaking Up

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  • Published : December 8, 2010
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Break ups
Its hard to break up with someone. You never know how that person is going to act or say once you tell them why you are breaking up with him or her. There’s never a good way to break up with someone. But if there’s problems in the relationship you have to point them out if not things will never get better. There are three reasons for break ups: falling out of love with that person, cheating, or they were never happy together. One of the reasons why people choose to end their relationship is because they fell out of love with their partner. Some people say that love never dies but it fades once a person realizes what is missing in their relationship. Nobody ever wants to leave their true love but when your tired of trying to fix things or spark up the relationship and nothing seems to work then that’s when you have to let him or her go. Other people just aren’t in love with that person anymore . I hear this all the time “I love him or her but I’m not in love with him or her”. I never really get that its either you are in love with that person or you aren’t.

Another reason for break ups is cheating. Some people say the reason for cheating is that he or she isn’t taking care of my wants and needs. But when you actually realize it people cheat just to cheat they never have a reason to why they do it they love doing it. I don’t think cheating is right at all. That’s just showing people what type of person you are and should want people to see that side of you. People should always be faithful in their relationships. You shouldn’t want to cheat on your girlfriend or boyfriend.

The last reason why break ups happen is because the couple was never happy together. Maybe at a point in their relationship they were happy but everything little thing is an argument. Even when they still try to go out and have a good time it always ends in an argument about stupid things. So they decide to go their separate ways and see other people but when I hear what some...
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