The Happiest Day of My Life

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  • Published : September 6, 2011
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I woke up earlier than my brother as every other day of the week. I took a fifteen minute warm shower. It left me with twenty five more minutes to get dressed, have breakfast, brush my teeth, say good bye to my mother and get in the car no later than 7:05. I got to school on time, even though my brother came out of the house late as he used to. It was a Thursday. Those first two forty five minute math periods made the morning go by too slow for me. I took the math test and did pretty well at it. I had prepared well the day before with a really good friend of mine. I was walking to the chemistry rooms when my phone in my left pocket vibrated. I took it out and looked at the shiny screen. As soon as I saw my father’s name on that screen I realized something was not right. He would not call me in the middle of a school day just to talk. He would want me to focus in school and do well. I answered the phone, my father sounded worried. She told me not ask any questions, just to follow her instructions closely. I was told to find my brother as soon as possible, walk with him to the school picking up zone and get in the car with my brother. Our driver would take us back home were my father was. When I was in the car with my brother my dad called the driver and told him to take us to the hospital. We were going to meet him and my mum there. As soon as my brother and I found about the change in plans, we looked at each other in the eyes. I immediately notice the fear in brother’s eyes. To be honest, I was really scared too, probably more than he was. But I did not say anything. We arrived at the hospital. I saw my dad on the phone waiting for us at the entrance. He was smoking. Seeing my father smoking made me more worried. I had never seen him smoke before. He hated it. As soon as he recognized the white van, he threw the cigarette away. I looked at my brother; he was looking out the other window. I did not tell him what I just saw. I did not want him to worry. The car...
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