The Handmaids Tale: A Synopsis

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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The Handmaids tale Foreword:

In an age of consumerism and commercialization, the younger generations are demanding fast satisfaction and instant returns. They want see and own within a couple of taps on their screens which are specialized, personalized, made to meet their every demand. We are in an age where possessions define you.

The commercial world loves us and consequently mass production and competition increases happily. Un-till we stop to ask, what costs do these freedoms come?

Recently portrayed on the big screen The Handmaids Tale shouts out a universal and timeless message .As warning to us, Margaret Atwood presents the inconvenient truths about the ways in which we live our lives today.

Dystopian totalitarian government, Gilead offers prime grounds for Atwood’s ironic and controversial comment .The novel paints a picture of a world undone by pollution, infertility, environmental degradation, declining birthrates and the dangers of nuclear power. It is a classic Reflection of the original production era, the 1980’s, in which the understanding of humanities environmental footprint went commercial

Gilead is set in a time where life had become so licentious that the morally aggrieved have overthrown, this in just over a decade. The similarities to reality in this novel lead the reader on a confronting journey, both of discovery and realization, positioning them to question society and all that is our normality.

Living under the fundamentalist Gilead Ian regime, the commoner is stripped from all that they own and once lived for. It is a society in which freedom has been replaced by control.

Due to a drastic decline in fertility rates, the few fertile woman left, are now treated as communal property and are selected for the role of womb, classified as ‘Handmaids’.

Women find themselves no longer allowed to read, work, own property, or handle money. Consequently they are entrapped in a system, which defines them by their role: womb,...
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