The Han Dynasty

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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Culture| Qin Dynasty/Han Dynasty| Mauryan Empire/ Gupta Empire| Roman Empire| P| QIN-The beginning of the Qin Empire there was much development. By the end the emperor started oppressing his people.HAN- First part of the Han dynasty was spent consolation the suffering people then later went to focus on military expansion.| MAURYAN-Very centralized government, kings being the center of administrationGUPTA-kings center of administration, provinces and sub-divided districts| | E| QIN-They had a much structuralized money system and focused on construction and often left lower class citizens very poor.HAN- Economy was poor due to the results of the Qin Dynasty but taxes were lowered for peasants.| MAURYAN-an agrarian economy, big on agriculture and industry and tradeGUPTA-Based on agriculture and trade, textile industry etc.| | R| QIN-People who followed Confucianism were persecuted. Followed legalism.HAN- Ruler had Mandate of heaven and Confucianism was still denied| GUPTA and MAURYAN-Hinduism and Buddhism were practiced in both along with Jainism , religious texts called VEDAS| | S| QIN-People were very unified and oppressed due to the government.HAN- Much more harmonious than the previous dynasty but still many class struggles| MAURYAN-Followed the Caste system which ranked class, class oppressionGUPTA-the status of women was low usually higher when they joined a religion.| | I| Qin-Very interested in engineering and technology.HAN- Focused on medicine and philosophy| MAURYAN-Focused on arts and literature GUPTA-Lots of poets and writers and mass volumes of texts written.| | A| Qin-For arts they built lots of architectural structures.HAN-Sacrificial objects, very good detail| MAURYAN-They were big on architecture and Ashokan artGUPTA-Sculptures and paintings usually based on religious themes| | P= political E= economic R= religious S= social structure I= intellectual A= arts Enter the factors of each aspect of a culture,...
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