The Han and Roman Empire Compare/ Contrast Essay

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  • Published : September 15, 2008
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The Roman and Han Compare/ Contrast Essay

The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty where similar in economics technology but where different in inter-regional interaction. These similarities helped both the Han and Romans last for such long periods of time, but the sometimes negative differences inevitably hurt the Han Dynasty. Unlike the Han, Romans were much more inter-regional interactive. One reason for this difference is that the Romans were located around a great body of water which allowed travel from Europe to North Africa and the Middle East. Access to a massive sea led the Romans expansion to all three of those regions. Because of its geographical location, the Han could only spread further inland. It takes much more effort to reach different regions being only able to spread and trade inland; which was a definite disadvantage for the Han.

When it comes to technology, both the Roman and Han empires built major roads to help support a growing dependence on trade. This unquestionably helped both empires become as successful and powerful as they did. Also, having a network of cities helped stabilize each Empire which is without doubt a key advancement that helped both empire continue to last for so many centuries. Not only did the Roman and Han have similar technological advancements, they also had the same effect. These advancements created cultural unification and a sense of identity and pride to both empires.

Economics was very different between the two empires. Obviously, geographical location was a major reason to have such differences. Hans relative isolation from other regions prevented major trade and influence from other civilizations. This is quite a contrast to the Roman Empire which had a very convenient location, about in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, to reach other regions in a short amount of time who had different and necessary resources. Of course both the Romans and Han traded; which is much too vague of a similarity, considering...
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