The Gym

Topics: Exercise, Health club, Pool Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: November 1, 2010
The gym has always been an important place in my life. I go to the gym to relax when I feel stressed or to work out when I have energy and just want to get out of the house. I have belonged to many different gyms. Each one had its own atmosphere and uniqueness. Out of all the gyms that I have belonged to, my current gym offers the widest range of features that are important to me. These features include the vast variety of up-to-date machines and amenities that I have become accustomed to. While there are some features I miss from my previous gyms, I know that no matter where I chose to work out, I would have to make some compromises. This gym, however, has a much better balance of what I am looking for than the other gyms near my home. Just by looking around briefly you can spot the stereotypical staple characters which seem to be prevalent at every gym. It is obvious that not everyone is content with his or her level of fitness. One stereotype often portrayed is the self-proclaimed tuff-guy who thinks he is, or would like to be, bigger than the hulk although it seems obvious enough to those around him that he may just have a complex. This gym has a few resident examples, but tonight, the 135 lb. high school kid that seems to have his arms frozen out away from his body and walks like he is the actual terminator, seems worthy of this title. Another staple stereotype at every gym is the older lady with the stage ready makeup and the super tight Lycia suit and this gym is no different. I have watched this particular person throughout my workouts over the past few months and while she seems to always look the part, I have never seen her intensely exercise, unless she thinks someone may be interested in her. As I finish my workout, I journey back down the staircase to the locker room. The steam room is pressing and hissing out clouds of steam as someone opens the door when I walk past it into the pool room. The pool area consists of indoor and outdoor...
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