The Guides of David Strorm

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Reshad Jamil
The guides of David Strorm
In the beginning of the book The Chrysalids, David Strorm was describing a dream. A marvelous dream about a city seamlessly embraced by the untainted sea set around it. On the streets ran carts without horses and in the sky flew these burnished things shaped like fish, but they weren’t birds. Such a city was so fascinating to a boy who had lived in a society where everyone would look for anything that was odd, or really anything out of the “norm.” David never knew that this dream wasn’t just a dream, and he did not know that the city would ever be real. The following years had fetched David some happiness, but he fell into despair at a time. And even after all the trouble and discoveries good and bad, a happy ending was nearby. The city in the dream, New Zealand, was lastly reached, but, this was only because of the following people. Uncle Axel, the mouthpiece of John Wyndham, is David’s dearest uncle and mentor. A judicious guide whom which without, the young David would not be the same. He is an uplifting man who accepts people’s differences, contrast to Joseph Strorm, who is disgusted by the littlest differences on any being. The nights after Aunt Harriet’s death were very hard and frightening for young David, as he would solemnly pray to God that the next morning he would lose his powers and become normal. Grief had taken over his mind and I think he may have soon started following his father because he was the only influence in the house. Growing up in a vile dire district of hatred could never have been where David would spend his life as he was then slowly starting to hate his powers. One morning, David talked with Uncle Axel about Aunt Harriet and her baby, but halfway into telling his Uncle, he began crying. He then told him that he was scared. Uncle Axel said this to David: “I can almost understand that God, made angry, might destroy all living things, or the world itself; but I don’t understand this...
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