The Guest Questions

Topics: Irony, Algeria, Psychology Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The Guest

I think there are several reasons that Daru gave the prisoner freedom. First of all, Daru was very discontentedly about the policeman Balducci gave him the Arab prisoner and told him to take him to police headquarters at Tinguit. The journey is about twelve miles away. Because Daru is not willing to take the Arab, he could release him just because psychological rebellious of himself. Also there is a possibility that he release him because he does not like the violence at that time during the war, he release him because he pity him with his kind heart.

The reason for him to not release him is that the Arab prisoner is guilty for no doubt, because he killed his cousin. A guilty person has to be punished, Daru should not release him because his has duty to take him to the police headquarters at Tinguit and there the Arab will get what he deserves.

The title of the story “The Guest” is verbal irony, because the actual meaning is different from the meaning that the words appear to express. The “guest” is normally been invited, but the Arab prisoner apparently came without invitation.

“The Guest” will make better title than “The Prisoner” because “The Guest” can express the irony that the author wants to show. Also in my opinion, “The Prisoner” is too depress and weighty. A good title for a story should not be clear at a glance; it should open the reader’s imagination and give space for them to think more.

The French title makes it an even better title than the English translation, because there are two meaning of it. They are “The Guest” and “The Host”. The guest symbols the prisoner, but “The Host” symbols the person who hosts the Arab Prisoner, the schoolmaster.

The ending of “The Guest” is situation irony, because something unexpected happened instead of what was expected to happen. The ending is ironic that Daru gives the Arab two choices, freedom and become a prisoner. Most people would think the Arab would choose...
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