The GSC Regional Strategic Plan

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Great South Coast ‘Strengthening our Community’ Pillar

The Great South Coast (GSC) Group comprises the Shires of Colac Otway, Corangamite, Moyne, Southern Grampians, Glenelg and the City of Warrnambool. Senior management teams from these municipalities have been meeting informally over a number of years, but now the Group has formalised its alliance. Its primary function is to oversee the delivery of the Regional Strategic Plan and to advocate on behalf of the entire region, giving voice to regional issues.

The GSC Regional Strategic Plan includes five strategies:
* Position for economic growth
* Improve our connections
* Sustain our natural assets
* Strengthen our communities
* Increase collaboration

Governance structure

The GSC Group is overseen by a Board of Management, currently comprised of Mayors and CEOs. There will also be four non-municipal members to broaden the Group beyond local government. Sitting beneath the Board is a series of four ‘Pillar Groups’. These are aligned with the Regional Strategic Plan. Pillar Group Leaders are appointed and each charged with responsibility for their Pillar Groups.

These Groups play a pivotal role in the organisation. Using the Regional Strategic Plan as a framework, Pillar Groups are responsible for developing and delivering projects and other initiatives across the Great South Coast (GSC) region. They are also called upon to provide advice on regional priorities and areas of need. Pillar Group members can be as involved as they wish, acting in an advisory capacity or taking a more ‘hands on’ role.

Membership must be approved by the Board and is generally on the basis of the skills, experience, interests and passions the prospective member is able to bring to the group. Each Pillar Group establishes its own meeting schedule, terms of reference and communications protocols. The Pillar Groups range in size and include representatives from diverse business, community and government organisations from all parts of the region who have come together around a common strategic purpose. That purpose is to lead and support the development and implementation of initiatives and projects that will benefit the communities of the Great South Coast Region.

Guiding values

Communication - Transparent, open and timely communication fosters cooperation, shared understandings and alignment of purpose and outcomes.

Regional focus - A focus on the region as a whole, with an understanding that we are looking beyond municipal boundaries as we work together for the benefit of the entire Great South Coast region.

Community wellbeing - Outcomes of the Great South Coast Regional Strategic Plan must add to the overall wellbeing and capacity of the regional community.

Community engagement - The diverse voices of the entire Great South Coast community must be heard and heeded during the planning, delivery and evaluation of outcomes.

Cooperation - The Great South Coast Group will work to develop a shared vision for this region – one that takes account of a diverse range of views and information.

Partnerships - Strong, cohesive partnerships are integral to developing a coordinated regional approach in which innovation and efficient use of resources is encouraged.

Resourcing - Partners will collectively share responsibility for identifying and sourcing resources outside of the Great South Coast Group to fund activities or projects beyond the scope or means of any single or private organisation.

Sustainability – This region places great store in its physical and natural environment and recognises that community, economy and environment are independent.

Strengthen our communities

The following guiding statement, strategic goals and outcomes are taken from the GSC Regional Strategic Plan. These will guide the work of the Strengthen our Communities Pillar Group.

Guiding Statement
Our people’s access to...
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