The Grumpy Potato

Topics: English-language films, "Weird Al" Yankovic, American films Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: April 24, 2013
A long time ago in the back of a fridge in Mt.Dew land, there was an old and lonely potato. He was lonely because he was very grumpy and mean. Because he was like this, no one wanted to be around him and no one liked him. Some would even say that he was angry as a bear getting woken up. When he would walk he would yell at people and push them out of the way.

One day he was walking when Potato Baby Bob came along. “Hello there” said Potato Baby Bob, who wasn’t looking and stepped on Grumpy Potato’s foot. Grumpy Potato screamed “Get out of here” and gave Potato Baby Bob a very angry face. Potato Baby Bob stood there for awhile, then started to cry and ran away.

When Potato Baby Bob was running away crying, Grumpy Potato kind of felt sorry for him. All of sudden an angry feeling cam over him and he shouted “Stop crying”. A well known town’s person named Slim Jimmy walked over to Grumpy Potato to ask why he shouted a Potato Baby Bob, but Grumpy Potato ran and he was gone.

When Grumpy Potato got home after running away from Slim Jimmy, he decided to watch TV. Grumpy Potato got bored so he started to look for a book to read. When he was looking for a book he found his old Fridge War stuff.

When he was looking through his stuff he though out load to himself “Is this why I am so grumpy?” Then he heard a bunch of load booms on his front door. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. When he got to the door it was Potato Baby Bob, Slim Jimmy, and Jell-O Jack. They all asked him, “Do you want to figure out why you are so grumpy and have us help you to be nice?”.

“I don’t want your help”, said Grumpy Potato, “I am fine”. “But Grumpy Potato, don’t you want to know why you are grumpy?” asked Jell-O Jack. Then Potato Baby Bob said, “There is a reward for being nice and we will only give it to you if you let us help you”. Grumpy Potato thought for a while and then said “Fine, I guess”.

The first thing they did was teach him to be nice. They went over many topics, like...
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