The Gruelling Life of a Gymnast in China

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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The Life of a Gymnast in China

Why would anyone in their right mind make an innocent child scream in pain? In this essay I am going to discuss in detail if people do believe that it is the right procedure of coaching young children. In the last few years in gymnasiums around China, two in five children under the age of ten, train as hard as any adult Olympian. Children are battling to complete the demanding routines. These training techniques of abuse, pain and a lot of tears show an insight into why china’s gymnasts shoot their way to victory. The way in which China trains its gymnasts is grueling. Most gymnasts train everyday for a minimum of six hours. These children are put through their paces. Coaches will hit children and make them suffer. Some say the intense training is taking away the childhood from the children. China is totally missing the spirit of sportsmanship. I have zero respect for China's medals. I celebrate the Olympians from the underprivileged countries learning to sprint barefoot and practice in bare thread training facilities in state of undernourishment. Them, I respect more even if they place last in the Olympics. There is no nonsense the trainers are tough on the children who go through rigorous training schedules. What if a child isn’t good enough? They just get tossed out of the programme like rubbish. Some can’t endure the pain to succeed. It’s a form of barbarianism. I don’t believe this should be happening at all. Who knows what happens to these young people if they get to the Olympics and lose, are the never seen again? It’s just not worth it at all! On the other hand, the results achieved can be phenomenal, Gold is displayed on the walls of gymnasiums, to endure the gymnasts into wanting the gold dream. Parents should be locked up; as they are letting the coaches treat their child in such awful ways. Parent’s want the glory and recognition also, the gold success. Nanning, Gymnasium in China is one of the many ruthless...
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