The Growth of Online Shopping Has Greatly Improved Live for the Customer.

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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The growth of online shopping has greatly improved live for the customer.

There is no doubt that the Internet plays a great role in people’s lives. It is a huge source of information, an efficient means of communication and a dose of entertainment during dull days. From the customer’s point of view, Internet can be also identified with a gigantic shopping centre. Nowadays, online shopping is becoming very popular. But, is it really improving our lives? In my essay, I will present the advantages and disadvantages of shopping via the Internet. One of the main arguments in favour of online shopping is the fact that they are convenient and time-saving. While buying with the use of the Internet, not only have we access to the wide number of domestic and foreign products, but also we do not have to leave our houses. There is no rush and hurry during watching particulars products, we avoid long queues and everything is delivered by post. It is beneficial for people who work long hours and do not have time for visiting shops. Another positive aspect of online shopping is saving money and opportunity to acquaint oneself with other customers’ opinions. Very often products available at auctions are reasonably priced. We can benefit from different bargains, discounts or special offers. Additionally, all the opinions and suggestions about the things we are interested in are visible at the auction site, so before making a decision we may ensure that it is sensible. However, sometimes customers have to cope with the drawbacks of online shopping. First of all, it is impossible to touch the goods which are being purchased or see how they exactly look like. It can be troublesome especially while buying clothes or footwear. In such cases, there is a risk of dissatisfaction. What is more, returning the delivery which does not satisfy our expectations is connected with additional costs and a visit to the post office. Irresponsible or even dishonest sellers are the next argument...