The Growth of Music Technology

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Margarita Santiago
Professor Laura Olney
ENG 112- Position Paper Outline

April 11, 2012

The Growth of Music Technology|

Music conveys emotion; humans experience all sorts of different kinds of emotion, from sadness, happiness, to anger and excitement. Many people enjoy listening to music because it "sympathizes" with their inner thoughts and beliefs. Listening to moving music causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. When a person listens to tunes that move them they found out that their brain releases dopamine, a chemical involved in both motivation and addiction. (Emily Sohn, Discovery News). The advent of synthesizers, electronic music and the use of computers, has enabled for some very interesting creation of sounds and has brought with it, beautiful sonic textures and layers of audible dimensions otherwise not possible to create. Technology has made it possible for non-traditional sounds to be used in the arrangement and production of a musical composition, it’s made it possible for things to be tuned inhumanly accurately or ‘musically’ out of tune. Technology has also made it possible to create rhythms and syncopations that are impossible otherwise, or would take more than several people to create. Technology has made it possible to now create from inception to audible manifestation to a compact disc, iPod, a musical idea, song and score (Ajay Shah, Producer) Computer technology is very important to the development of music for children, education and entertainment. Why is computer technology important to children? Digital music has brought music into everyday life. Now, many children’s can download and carry music with them wherever they go. They can just connect their iPod, iPhone, or iPad to their computer and iTunes automatically syncs their music and they can select which songs to take with them. IPhone, iPods, MP3 is more convenient than radio, stereo. Children enjoy music because is affordable, faster, no commercials and they can carry it in their pocket wherever they are. What is popular with children today, according to Susan young in her paper titled interactive music technologies in Early childhood music education (2006),is “abundantly multi- modal”, She describes that children enjoy for longer periods of time “several overlays, abundantly multi-modal by combining music with sound effects, with voice-overs and characters speaking. These overlays synchronize with imagery which is richly colored, has depth of perspective, exciting, fantastic visual effects, imaginary, highly animated characters and fast pace changes. The whole merges into a multi-modal experience in which aural and visual modes of attending combine (Young, forthcoming). Neither of these two forms of experience, the minimalist, ‘objects sonores’ and the multi-modal extravaganzas, fits easily into conventional definitions of music or modes of listening. Computer technology helps children to learn to sing. The program, TUNE in to Reading, allows children to use headphones and an attached exterior microphone to sing popular songs displayed on their computer screens. The studies have found that the program improves children's reading comprehension by having them read the lyrics on the screen. A music staff appears on the screen with lyrics written where the notes to the song's melody would go. The program bases the player's score on how well they keep to the melody (Mike Velez) staff writer. Why computer technology is important to the development of music for education? According to Richard Colwell overview, Music continues to play an important role in special education programs, in music therapy, and with English as Second Language students. The nonverbal nature of music allows students with special needs to participate in many music experiences and to obtain educational benefits as well as enjoyment. .In addition, Music helps students learn to work effectively in math with...
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