The Grizzly Man Summary

Topics: Bears, Grizzly Bear, English-language films Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: November 20, 2007
The Grizzly Man is an odd person. He seems to care for the bears that are without a doubt. Is he helping or hurting the bears though? Well, we know that people know of his presence in bear country, and we know that they set out and look for him, sometimes finding him. We also know that he brings a lot of awareness to the bears and the conditions set on them. What is he trying to save them from specifically? Based on the part of the movie that I have seen, we never see him once mention the threats imposed on them, we never see the endangerment befalling the North American grizzly bear. Is he really educating people in too activism or is he just endorsing the idea of their majesty and gracefulness. He keeps speaking of how the bears might attack any moment, and he keep talking of how strong he has to be. So maybe this puts forth some resentment towards the bears. Although he really balances the scale in the end, he hurts the bear. He shoots his film as if it were for a documentary, but then sets out on a tour helping to spur people onto the idea that we need help for the bears. The combination of trying to shoot a documentary and trying to win people over to the idea that we need to help them rarely work out. On one hand, you are showing a video in which bears are killing, in which he talks of the danger of these bears, he speaks of their furiousness, their veracity; and on the other hand, you are trying to teach people that the bears themselves are in danger. Even though both statements are true, they almost work against people's emotions and ideas of what a grizzly bear really is. What he is doing would be an equivalent of salespersons teaching a customer all the features of a vacuum cleaner and then telling them not to buy it. They are two conflicting viewpoints, and they have trouble coexisting. This tends to lead to a lot more confusion about bears, and rather than the documentary answering questions about the bears in just creates more, and after all is taken...
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