The Grizzly Bear Lodge

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Discuss how Rudy and Diane can use feed forward, concurrent, and feedback controls both nowandinthefutureattheGrizzlyBearLodgetoensuretheirguestssat


Feed Forward:

Feed forward is really like preventative control. Rudy and Diane should implement plans for starting the expansion of their business. These plans should start immediately before any expansion work starts.Feedforward control would incorporate making sure that: Plans are in place to make sure that they themselves are available as well as staff to both maintain the lodge and work on the new a next they are looking to acquire. Also how much disruption or inconvenience will this cause guests that are going to be lodging during this take over?

If they are planning to hire additional staff they should allow enough time for candidates to be hired and trained be for opening then Annex. This will mean that their current staff may have to set some valuable time away from their daily duties to training new staff. .Another example of feed forward control would be for Diane and Rudy to hire an accountant to take a look at their finances and forecast their new investment before they jump in to it. Identify any risks with the investment and set some target numbers they should me to stay afloat. The accountant may also want to look at expenses such as labor expenses and building budget, and fixed expenses. Basically they should look at how likely are they going to succeed with their plan, what expenses will they need to consider and what kind of profit are should they anticipate. They also may want to plan out how they are going to team up with nearby business; what kind of marketing material is going to be sent out; and how much do they want to spend on this? What business are they planning on targeting and who is going to be in charge of this effort? What kind of deal is they going to make that will enable them to profit from this alliance? Will they need to hire new staff to take on this effort?

Concurrent Control:

We can think of Concurrent Controls as real time. So Diane and Rudy can implement some concurrent controls to: It may be a good idea to have frequent check points during renovation, and set up of new annex. The idea here is to monitor activities in real-time; and not after the project is done. The Grizzly Bear Lodge Case Study Monitor how well their renovation of the current dining facility is running. May be even hiring someone to manage this. Ask a manager to provide constant up date son this project. How well new staff is performing. Is the number of the new staff hired sufficient for their expanded service? Is the number too much do they need to cut back on the number of new people hired? How long is the renovation taking; is it going faster than expected or slower than expected? Where are people being directed during renovation of the existing kitchen? If the kitchen is closed down completely are they offering customers any added value for their stay?

Ensure there is a plan in place so that any renovation or work is not affecting guests’ currently lodging Depending on exactly when they implement or open the new dining area for expanded improvement.

Feedback Control:

Service how many customers are they getting and what issues are arising or what Feedback needs control would really be anything means of control that would take place after this new project is completed. After the renovation and the acquision of the Annex the owners should put some feedback controls in place to see how well everything went.

Profit how much did they make and how much they anticipated they were going to make they need to get their financial advisor to debrief the month financial status. How did extending...
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