The Green Credentials of Siemens

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Siemens: “Only Green Business Is Our Business”
The Green Credentials of Siemens
11:45pm GMT 09 Jan 2012

Siemens, one of the largest engineering conglomerate over the world, has been named the third-best green brand over the world in July 2011, which only slightly behind Toyota in first place and 3M in second place. The ranking is according to the “Global Green Brands 2011” by Interbrand, a leader in brand management and world-known consulting firm (Forbes, 2011).

Apart from this honor, Siemens has once again been rated the most sustainable company in the “Diversified industrials” sector of the Dow Jones Sustainable Index (DJSI) in 2011 (DJSI, 2011); included among the leading company in the Global 500 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP); and won the German Sustainability Award 2011, which is an initiative prize of the German Sustainability Award Foundation in cooperation with the Federal Government, trade associations and etcetera (Siemens AG, 2012).

“Only green business is our business” Siemens announced that in its Annual Report 2011 (2011, pp.68). In the age of environmental issues are increasingly serve, there is no any company can ignore this huge problem among their production and operation. To Highly Value environmental problem not only shows the sense of responsibility and vision of a firm, but also be benefit to profit and business. Protection of environment and conservation of resources is the core policy of Siemens, and also an important business strategy. As early as in 1998, Siemens approved its first green policy. With its focus on the fundamental principle of sustainable development, it continues to be relevant today (Siemens AG, 2011).

In fiscal 2011, Siemens explicitly committed that its business activities of the company are with a view to the future and sustainability (Siemens AG, 2011). Moreover, the firm set “making a major contribution to climate protection” to be the main policy of this year and included it in the annual report.

The Green Building is one of green programs of Siemens. The program was implemented in 2007 and involved all the lifecycle of real estate industry. It decreased approximately 1200 to 1600 tons carbon dioxide footprint in each Siemens’ manufacturing plant or office through more than 30000 patent solutions related to environment and climate and 2 billion euros input in 2011 (Siemens AG, 2011). Siemens claimed that this project will cut more carbon dioxide emissions in following years as the technologies gradually becoming mature (Siemens AG, 2011). In the whole fiscal 2011, Siemens’ ecofriendly products, technologies and solutions enabled customers worldwide to slash their carbon dioxide emissions by 317 billion tons. This number equaled to the total annual emissions of Berlin, Delhi, Istanbul, Hong Kong, London, New York, Singapore and Tokyo (Offshore Nieuws., 2011).

Green Building Program also involved in terms of energy utilization. It saved 23000 megawatt hour last year (MNN, 2010). This contribution was one the most important reasons that Siemens could be named the third-best green brand in the list of “Global Green Brands 2011”. Energy efficiency program (EEP) was another important green program of Siemens. This program was a kind of censorship and also a standard of examine. According to this program, there were 89 factories underwent and energy health check and 21 of them were subjected to a deep detailed energy analysis for evaluate energy-saving in its production (Siemens AG, 2011). Finally, 15 of these 21 factories were implemented corrective measures to solve their energy-wasting (Siemens AG, 2011). Furthermore, the firm developed many technologies in this field. For instance, Siemens updated ICX trains technology in Germany, and the new technology saved nearly 30 per cent energy per seat (Siemens AG, 2011).

Siemens not only saved energy, but also created more clean energy sources through new...
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