The Greatness that is Skiing

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  • Published : June 11, 2011
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Few joys of this temporal world compare to the exhilarating sensation of flying, yes, flying down steep-landscaped, softly blanketed slopes. The spine-tingling experience is a delight for all of the senses. I am most alive when partaking of this popular hobby and feel as though time does not even exist. I will seek to paint a picture, though I doubt that with even the gravest of attempts that I shall do it justice. Therefore, to those fellow skiers who well understand the greatness to which I am about attest, please accept my sincerest apologies for any inadequacies that should befall you whilst reading.

If cold has a taste, then I know what it is, experiencing microscopic flakes alighting on the tip of the tongue while swooshing down a snow-covered, mogul-free slope at optimal speed. This pleasure, although in seldom occurrence, is quite special. The tingling, frigid sensation is unlike any licking of a mere a mint-chocolate chip ice cream cone. Nay. The severely cold flake is undaunted by flavor. Its single attribute in the department of taste is clean. Its single lasting effect is refreshing.

As for the visuals, God has not left any stone unturned, so to speak. The splendor that is a white-capped mountain is far more lovely and poetic than any Shakespearean sonnet. For that matter, this dead poet could not pen majestic enough words to paint such a splendor. This vast beauty cannot be experienced through a picture though. The heart must be present to imbibe the magnitude. As if grandiose peaks were not enough, God saw fit to perfectly dot each horizon with unblemished, perfectly symmetrical evergreens. Why should so many trees lose their grandeur during winter’s visit? Such is not the case for noble pine, whose duty of never-ending beauty is upheld year round. Only an almighty God could envision such a landscape. An attempt to depict the sunrise, as the gentle, yet powerful orb slowly breaks over the horizon, seems futile. Viewing the powerful, golden rays...
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