The Greatness of Gatsby

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  • Published : March 17, 2008
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One of the most controversial parts of the book The Great Gatsby is whether Gatsby was really great after all. He really isn't great at all but he works hard to try to me others believe he really truly is great. He live is a world of fairy tales, over romanticized details, and surrounds him self with people who puss up his over sized ego. Being a great, good honest person was not at all Gatsby. I think Gatsby was great to the people that got to know him, but to most Gatsby was just a GREAT mystery.

Gatsby become obsessed with him want for a fairy tale love with daisy, this become apparent in chapter 6 when he begins to tell a story to nick. He uses heavenly colors and objects. He begins him story setting the mood of love. As he and daisy are walking the sidewalk is "white with moonlight"( ). The color white shows a peaceful pure side along with the moonlight hat represents a heavenly like glow. This scene would appear in a fantasy because side walks to actually glow white because of the moon except in fairytales; it creates a magical feel of love and god-like romance. He continues telling the story with more corny romantic twists. Gatsby leans in to kiss daisy, "as his lips' touched she blossomed for him like a flower the incarnation was complete" ( ). He uses words such as blossomed and in carnation as if she was born as a heavenly flower, so beautiful. He takes a simple thing such as a kiss and tries to say that now she is a totally different person like in the princess and the frog fairytale. Gatsby wants to make Nick believe that his and daisy's love is like that of a fairly tale, when it was simply a walk in the park with a goodbye kiss. Gatsby want to build this ore around him to create a show for the ones around him.
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