The Greatest Social Essay Ever

Topics: Abuse, Harassment, Bullying Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: December 4, 2012
The Greatest Social Essay ever
...would begin with the social issue of sexual harassment in Egypt. First, the essay will define what sexual harassment really is, which is the unwelcome or inappropriate any kind of sexual behavior. Then, the essay would talk about how it affects the society and how people perceive the issue. The essay would not arouse you or cause you anger because of the issue, it would only let you know more about the subject and how it can be dealt with.

The next paragraphs would then talk about the effects of the issue on the society, and why sexual harassment is considered high in Egypt. It would give you brief details and examples about how it affects the Egyptian society, for example, the image of the country would suffer, the harassed person would suffer psychologically and emotionally, there would be a decline in productivity, and there wouldn’t be trust among people of the society. Then the essay would tell you about why people sexually harass other people, it would tell you that people tend to do this because of lack of education, unemployment, depression, money issues, marriage dilemma and many other reasons. The essay would then state that internet and movies also have an effect on people to sexually harass others, they tend to imitate movies, series and other stuff on television internet. Also, how men tend to prove their manliness by sexually harassing women.

The next paragraph would then talk about how women deal with the situation of being sexually harassed. Women tend to be scared of reporting that they’ve been harassed, which is a problem because it gives the harasser the power to do it all over again because he’s not being punished or anything. The essay would state how reputation is behind the women’s silence because they think that people will look at them differently because they’ve been sexually harassed. The essay would talk about how Egyptian men think that women clothes is the issue and that if they’re veiled and...
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