The Greatest Running Backs of All Time

Topics: American football, Pro Bowl, Cleveland Browns Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Hillmont Talada
Danielle Cook
English 1010
April 5, 2010
The Greatest Running Backs of all Time
There have been many great running backs in the history of the NFL such as OJ Simpson, Ladainian Tomlinson, and Gale Sayers. But if you asked any football fan today the three best running backs to ever play in the NFL they would say Jim Brown, Walter Payton and Barry Sanders because as of today they still hold all the top rushing records in the NFL, along with some other records.

Brown, an explosive powerhouse fullback that accomplished many things throughout his career, some of these accomplishments are rookie of the year and best running back of his time. Brown also broke many records throughout his nine year career. Brown was not only a superb running back he also caught the ball, returned kicks and even threw three touchdown passes. Within the nine seasons that Brown played he ran for 12,312 yards and had a total of 15,459 yards which put him in a class of his own. Brown was named MVP four times in1957,1958,1963 and 1965. Brown was also first team all-NFL pick eight times 1957 to 1961, 1963 and 1965. He played in nine pro bowls in nine years and was the games outstanding back three times. Brown ended his career with a outstanding game in the 1966 pro bowl when he ran for three touchdowns. Brown was all American in both football and lacrosse and a letterman in basketball. Brown selected football as his career sport, therefore he became the Cleveland Browns number one draft pick in 1957.He became the first rookie that Coach Paul Brown ever used as a regular and was a star from the start. The summer of 1966 Jim Brown announced that he was retiring. Fans all over the world still wonder what Browns career would have been if he didn’t retire in his prime. Brown also never missed a game in his career.

Another great running back in the NFL is Walter Payton, a genuine running back of his time. Payton played for the Chicago bears and was the...
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