The Greatest Generation

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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The greatest generation
The United States greatest generation was a generation that experienced the most turbulent and terrifying ere in the history of this nation. They survived the depression and then played a crucial role in World War II by stopping the tide of world domination by some history’s greatest tyrants. From soldiers who jumped into Normandy into the uncertain, to those who watched in horror as an enemy onslaught of wave upon wave of Japanese dive bombers decimated America’s bastion of pacific naval power (Pearl Harbor). Also to the workers back on the home front that sacrificed self wants and had the determination to build such an avalanche of supplies that would bury the axis. This group of Americans is what made this the greatest generation. A burden was given and the American men and women stepped up to the plate. These young men and women were eager for the assignment. They understood what was required of them, and they willingly volunteered for their duty (Tom Brokaw). In America, young men were enlisting in the military by the hundreds of thousands. Farm kids from the Great Plains who never expected to see the ocean in their lifetimes signed up for the Navy; brothers followed brothers into the Marines; young daredevils volunteered for pilot training. At home the old rules of gender and expectation changed radically with what was now expected of this generation. (American promise Pg 811) Single young women poured into Washington to fill the needs for secretary and industrial help as the political capital mobilized for war. Women learned to drive trucks or handle welding torches to help fill the positions left by their men. In this rush to build military supplies, factories were converted from making passenger cars to assembling tanks and airplanes, and production was ramped up to record levels (Pg 805). The end result was an overwhelming production and a superiority of goods. The American production crushed that of the axis by having more...
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